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The Leaves 9-5-12

Great news! We had an attendance rate of 96% last week. This level of attendance supports student learning and community, as well as financial stability. Keep up the good work! At our All School Meeting next week we will be presenting a few school wide incentives that we hope will help motivate your child to come to school willingly. 

At the Charter Council meeting last night, Tighe O'Neill was elected new board chair following the resignation of our previous board chair. Thank you Tighe for your willingness to serve our school in wisdom and leadership. We look forward to an amazing year together.

We welcome three outstanding new specialty teachers this year:

    Max Stout is our music teacher as Mr. Carr has taken a 6th grade class (congratulations, Jake!). Max worked as a professional musician before completing his teaching credential and has embraced our community with enthusiasm.

    Maria Naiman is an experienced Spanish teacher and native Honduran. Maria brings fresh rigor and high-expectations to our language program.

    Daebin Gilmore-AKA "Mr. G"- is once again our beloved Games teacher. Welcome back Daebin!

I am delighted to report that we have two additional after school enrichment opportunities this year that will begin next week:

Team Sports for grades 7 and 8 will include large games like Ultimate Frisbee and small tournaments. Parents are welcome to participate. We hope to organize transportation so that the program can be held at nearby Digarmo park.

Spanish Club for grades 1-4 will offer unique songs, games and craft activities. At least two field trips will be conducted during the year.

The after school schedule is as follows:

Sewing Club with community volunteer extraordinnaire Donica O'Laughlin from 3-4pm. This is open to grades 7 and 8. Skilled and mature 6th graders may also be considered. 
Beginning Orchestra with our Strings teacher Shelley Fairchild from 3:15-4:30.

Team Sports with Mr. G from 3:30-5:00. Open to grades 7 and 8.
Cello with Ms. Shelley from 3:15-4:00.

Advanced Orchestra with Ms. Shelley from 3:15-4:45.

Spanish Club with Ms. Naiman from 1:00-2:00. Open to grades 1-4.
Cello with Ms. Shelley 3:15-4:00.


Picture day is September 18th and 19th.

Chico Area Recreation District is providing after school care on our campus. The staff are wonderful and striving to create a fun, healthy program for kids.

The Harvest Festival will be held Saturday September 29th. This is a very important community event. Please plan to join us!


Supervision is provided on campus after 7:50 am. Children may put their things by their classroom and then go to the playground until the bell at 8:10. Parents are welcome to spend time outside with their child and then walk into the building at the bell. We are not able to adequately supervise children in the hallways before school begins and are putting student safety before convenience. 

Children may be picked up after school on the side of the building where AM drop off happens. If you have an agreement with your child that they will wait for you at pick up, drive the loop until they appear. At 3:20 unclaimed children will be brought to the office by the supervising teacher.


Laurie Kopping,


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