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The Leaves 8-27-12



Monday August 27, 2012


Whew! We had a wonderful first day back at school, with all the excitement and newness of the year. The Rose Ceremony was beautiful as ever, along with all those bright eager faces.


Our new morning drop off routine made a solid debut. We need to work on the habit of driving in a one way loop around the school until the gate is locked at 8:10.




All School Meeting Tuesday September 11th at 6pm. Child care is available. All parents are expected to attend.


We have a new lunch vendor. Lunches must now be ordered and paid for at least a week in advance (by Monday for the following Monday; a month in advance is preferred).


Tardy students must go to the office and check in with JoBeth if they arrive after the morning handshake or the gates are closed.


Students must leave campus after school if they are not registered in CARD or attending a supervised activity like homework club.


Homework club begins next week and runs from 3-4pm Monday through Wednesday and 12:30-1:30 on Thursday (no Friday).




Thank you to parent Summer O’Neill for coordinating the Work Day on August 18th and thank you to the many dedicated parents who gave up time on their Saturday to support this effort. Your commitment to your child’s school is evident and appreciated!


Thank you for attending one of the Registration Days. This new process was a big success. Not only did it enhance our efficiency, it saved teachers much valuable time in paper chasing, time that they can now spend developing instruction.


Although we do not have the official number from the State, we did very well on our California Standardized Tests last year. Celebration is in order when we gather for our All School Meeting!  But I wanted to everyone to have this fantastic news on our first day of school.


Laurie Kopping,


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