If you can Volunteer for any of the follwing you can contact the front office OR you can contact the person identified in the request.


The Festival of Strong Will

Needs everyone's support.  Follow this link to find something you can do:


Festial Sign-ups!


Library Helpers Needed

Requested by Claire Fong, Librarian 879-7483 ext. 2025 or Claire@blueoakcharterschool.org
> Help needed afterschool Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Fridays and/or specifically:

Tues. 9:40-11 am, Wed. 9-11:30 am or 12:15 – 1:40pm, Thurs. 10:30-11:30am

   Claire has done an amazing job making improving our library!  She could use a little more help in continuing to improve the overall organization and inventory of the library.  If you would like to help her label books, organize, re-shelf books, place orders, etc. – please contact her.  The times listed here are the times she would be available to work one on one with volunteers.


Kindergarten Sweepers

Requested by Cheryl Grant, Kindergarten teacher
> Help needed every morning and every afternoon

   The Kindergarten Yard sidewalks need constant sweeping.  Could you help sweep one morning a week or two?  What about staying after pick up and doing a little sweeping?  Give it some thought and see if there isn’t at least one time you could consistently help keep the Kindy Yard tidy.


Kindergarten Garden Helpers

Requested by Cheryl Grant, Kindergarten Teacher

> Help needed on sunny days

   The Kindergarten has a lot of planted plants and beautiful flowers.  The teachers could use some help getting everything watered in the days we have no rain.  It is also always nice to have a little extra help pulling unwanted weeds and volunteers (no pun intended).  Maybe staying during drop off time from 8:30 to 9am is an option for you?  That is always nice because then the kids see the adults role modeling what it is to help out and be a part of the community.  You’ll usually find that you end up with a few very cute helpers who will become your friend for life!


Create Basketball Court

Requested by Mr. G, Games Teacher – 514-4249 or daebin@blueoakcharterschool.org

> Mr. G needs some help prepping and painting the asphalt so that there is a clearly outlined basketball court on the playground.  He has done some recent reorganizing of the playground so that there is now a large space opened up for a good size basketball court.  If you would like to help Mr. G make this happen, please contact him directly (especially if you have a power washer of your own!).  Mr. G will be there to lead the project and provide the proper supplies.