Our Vision

The Blue Oak School is a community of families and educators bringing an educational program to Butte County that blends Waldorf-Inspired education with California State Standards.  Blue Oak is committed to nourishing and educating the whole child, based on the natural developmental model. The Waldorf curriculum is an inspirational and disciplined approach that infuses learning with enthusiasm, creativity and significance. We envision a school that:

  • Provides a model for sucessful education of the whole child.
  • Provides an educational experience that follows the natural development of the child while recognizing their uniqueness.
  • Emphasizes the skills of problem solving, independent thinking and intellectual curiosity.
  • Provides an artistic and stimulating approach to all subjects.
  • Cultivates a sense of beauty, wonder and deep respect for the natural world.
  • Imparts an appreciation for different cultures through a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Affirms that the intelligence and imagination of the young child is best developed without the use of technology.
  • Provides second language learning starting in First grade.
  • Encourages cooperation, not competition.
  • Brings the joy of music which enhances cognitive development.
  • Enriches our community with seasonal programs.


The Waldorf approach nurtures and engages the whole child; head, heart and hands. Keyed to the child's developing capacities, the curriculum provides a balanced foundation that the child can build upon to reach his or her full potential. Academic subjects stimulate the intellect. Artistic activity, music and movement nurture healthy emotional growth. A wide range of hands-on activities and tasks requiring active participation strengthen self-esteem and the sense of a capable self. Waldorf-Inspired methods imparts critical thinking skills, creative imagination, social responsibility, initiative and a liflong love of learning.

Why a Waldorf methods charter school?

Waldorf education is a practical education engaging the child’s will, her imagination, sense of aesthetics and intellect. What engages the child needs to have meaning to the child and has the ability to be applied. Thus its’ motive is to develop capacities that allow the child to build a joyful desire to learn and grow.

At the heart of the Waldorf approach is the recognition that lessons must be presented to children in a way which fills them with wonder, enthusiasm, and meaningful understanding. How a subject is taught is equally important as to what is taught, hence the use of movement, art and music in the curriculum.