Reasons to Choose Blue Oak Charter School      

  • Our tuition-free public school offers many programs: Spanish, music, woodwork, gardening, violin, handwork, games and movement.


  • Our Waldorf-methods, arts-integrated curriculum respects and addresses children’s natural development, multiple intelligences and various learning styles.


  • Recognizing the importance of play, our half-day Kindergarten program preserves the wonder of childhood. A foundation for creative thinking is established through a wide range of directed and practical activities.


  • Our rigorous upper grades’ academic curriculum builds on students’ capabilities for imaginative thinking, deep feeling and self-confidence that have been nurtured in the early grades.


  • Our on-site after school program provides wholesome activities and recreation in a safe and nurturing environment.


  • Our curriculum enables children to gain respect, life skills and knowledge appropriate for living consciously with one another as stewards of the world around us.


  • We are a diverse community of families committed to all children, to child-centered education and to one another.