Charter Council Committees

All standing committees of the Blue Oak Charter Council adhere to the agenda notice and posting requirements of the Ralph M. Brown Act and the bylaws of Blue Oak Charter School Inc. Members of the public are welcome to attend as audience to committee meetings and each meeting will have an agenda item at the beginning of the meeting in which members of the public may speak for up to 4 minutes.

Finance Committee

A standing committee of the Blue Oak Charter Council established 02/01/11

Meetings: Last Tuesday of each month at 3:00 PM @ Blue Oak School


To provide sound fiscal recommendations to the Blue Oak Charter Council that ensure adequate funding to meet programmatic goals articulated in school charter while maintaining balanced budgets, sufficient cash flow and long range solvency.


• To develop and monitor the school budget in accord with the annual budget development and monitoring calendar as specified in the fiscal policies.

• To ensure accurate and timely financial reporting required of charter schools:

   July 1 -Preliminary budget for current year

   December 15 - Interim financial report for current fiscal year reflecting changes 

                          through October 31. 

   December 15 - Annual Independent Financial Audit Report for preceding year.

   March 15 - Second Interim Report

   September 15 - Final unaudited report for the full prior year

• To analyze projected revenue and expenditures to make long term spending recommendations to the Charter Council.

• To project enrollment and Average Daily Attendance (ADA) based on historical data and outreach goals.

• To ensure ongoing monitoring and revision of current year budget, including monthly monitoring of enrollment and ADA.

Composition of Finance Committee

Executive Director: Nathan Rose

Business Manager: Cyd Ornealleas

Principal: Laurie Kopping

Faculty Representative- Shelley Fairchild

Parent Representatives - Gordon Cox, Melonie Ensign, Robert Golden


Agendas/Minutes 2012

Agendas Minutes
1/31/12 1/31/12
2/14/12  2/14/12
3/13/12 3/13/12
3/27/12 3/27/12



Administrative Design Committee (ADC)

A temporary committee of the Blue Oak Charter Council established March 11, 2014

Objectives & Goals:

To reconsider the senior administrative structure of Blue Oak School in light of the February 2012 ADC report which was never fully implemented (the recommended Education Director was never hired). The objective is to gather input from all interested parties (teachers, parents, and administrators) and report committee recommendations to Blue Oak Charter Council at its April 14th meeting. The committee follows Brown Act requirements.

Committee Members:

Charter Council Representative:  Louthea Griffin, Rebekah Casey

Parent Representatives:  Tighe O'Neill, Melonie Ensign, Jolene Moore, David Orneallas

Faculty Members:  Rebecca Ginney, Cheryl Grant, Stephanie Nichols

Non-voting Administration:  Nathan Rose, Laurie Kopping


Capital Development Committee

A standing committee of the Blue Oak Charter Council established 6/01/10

This committee was dissolved on 6/19/12

Meeting times:  Second Thursday @ 5pm  of each month @ Blue Oak School



Actively solicit funding from BOCS parents and the general community in the form of direct donations, grants and fundraising events in which our tax deductible non-profit status is a benefit. The Capital Development Committee will encompass fundraising for both general school expenses and specific projects.


1.  Establish and maintain Electronic Funds Transfer program Electronics Funds Transfer program to raise funds for general expenses of our school called the 1% for the Children Campaign

2.  Implement the annual Materials Donation Fundraiser in conjunction with Annie Bʼs.

3.  Apply for grants that support the school financially.

4.  Develop fundraising programs.

5. Establish and manage Blue Oak Educational Foundation. 

6. Implement website features that increase parent and community donations.

7. Develop marketing and outreach programs to increase student enrollment and diversity.

Committee Members:

Charter Council Representative:

Charter Council Representative:

Business Manager: 

Development Coordinator - 


Parent Council Fundraising Committee Chair -

Faculty members - 


Agendas/Minutes 2012

Agendas Minutes
1/12/12 1/12/12
1/27/12 1/27/12
3/30/12 3/30/12





Charter Review Committee:

Created by the Blue Oak Charter Council 5/3/11

Meeting times: First Wednesday of the month at 3 pm @ Blue Oak School


To annually review the 16 major elements of the Blue Oak charter to ensure compliance during non-renewal years and to make recommendations in preparation for charter renewal during charter renewal years.


1.  Ensure ongoing alignment to school charter in regards to the following sections:  Affirmations, Vision,         Mission, Goals, Educational Program, Plan for Special Education, Plan for English Learners, Academic Performance Index, Measurable Student Outcomes, Governance, Health and Safety, Student Admissions, Non-discrimination and Racial Balance, Suspension/Expulsion Procedures, Budgets, Financial Reporting, Insurance, Programmatic Audit, Facilities.

2.   Prepare a report of findings for areas of programatic improvement toward charter alignment by September 30 each year to the Blue Oak Charter Council.

3.  During the six month period prior to Charter Renewal submission to the District,  this committee will evaluate each section of the Blue Oak charter and make recommendations to the Blue Oak Charter Council.


Composition of Charter Review Committee:

Blue Oak Charter Council Representatives: (2) Chair   Marc Kessler, Jeff Plotnick.
Executive Director: Nathan Rose
Assistant Director: Laurie Kopping
Business Manager: Open
Faculty Representatives: Sarah Lee, Briana Lee.
Parent Council Representatives: Caryl Brown, Amy Antongiovanni 

 Agendas/Minutes 2012

Agendas Minutes
3/7/12 agenda 3/7/112
4/4/12 4/4/12
5/2/12 5/2/12
6/6/12 6/6/12
7/11/12 7/11/12
8/1/12 8/1/12


Executive Director Evaluation Development Committee

An ad hoc committee of the BOCC established 5/1/11

Meetings:  February - May or as needed


Create an evaluation tool and process that evaluates and communicates performance expectations for our executive director such that he/she may perform at the highest possible level in the best interest of The Blue Oak School.


Evaluation will use charter, school policy, and federal, state and district mandates as basis for determining performance standards.

Evaluation will help drive school goals for the next year by providing clear direction in to the executive director.

Evaluation will effectively communicate to executive director areas of strengths and of weakness.

Evaluation process will be fair and balanced and focused on providing support and improvement. 

Evaluation process will include balanced input from, BOCC, faculty, staff and parents.

Evaluation results will be kept confidential.