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Prop 30 - Education Protection Account (EPA) Spending Plan


Websites of interest

Parent Resource Library

The Blue Oak Charter School has a small Resource Library for parents. It includes books, articles, and school resource manuals. Materials are available for check out.

The books listed in this section are meant to give parents insight into child development and aspects of the educational approach of the Blue Oak Charter School. Since Waldorf methodology arose from within the private Waldorf school movement, some of the books contain additional information which may relate only to private Waldorf schools.

Books of Interest

Waldorf Education
Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Education David Mitchell
Recovery of Man in Childhood A.C. Harwood
Creativity in Education Rene Querido
Teaching As a Lively Art Marjorie Spock
Education Towards Freedom Frans Carlgren

Child Development
The Young Child
Child at Play: Preparation for LifeHeidi Britz-Crecelius
Childhood Carolyn von Hegdebrand
The Child From Five to Ten Arnold Gesell
The Hurried Child David Elkind
Miseducation - Preschoolers at Risk David Elkind
Sensory Integration and the Child Jean Ayers
The Wonder of Childhood Rene Querido
You are Your Child's First Teacher Rahima Baldwin
The Psychology of the Child Jean Piaget
Between Form & Freedom Betty Staley
Tapestries Betty Staley
Phases of Childhood Bernard Lievegoed
The Way of a Child A.C. Harwood


Festivals, Family and Food Diana Carey & Judy Large, Hawthorn Press
Festivals with Children B. Barz, Floris Press


The Art of the Storyteller Marie L. Shedlock
Grimm's Fairy Tales (With introduction by Padraic Colum and
commentary by Joseph Campbell)
Wynstones Kindergarten Collection of songs, verses, and stories

Arts and Crafts

The Children's Year Stephanie Cooper,
The Doll Book Karin Neuschutz
Echoes of a Dream Susan Smith
The Nature Corner M. van Leeuwen & J. Moeskops
Painting with Children Brunhild Muller, Floris Books
Pentatonic Songs Elisabeth Lebret
Toymaking With Children Freya Jaffka, Floris Books
Earthways Carol Petrash

Family Issues

Lifeways, Working with Family Questions Gudren Davy & Boris Voores

Other Books of Interest

Children Without Childhood Marie Winn
The Plug in Drug Marie Winn
What to Do After You Turn Off the TV Francis Moore Lappe & Family
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television Jerry Mander
A Good Enough Parent Bruno Bettelheim
On Learning to Read Karen Zelan
Whole Child/Whole Parent Polly Berrien Berends
Grow A Garden and Be Self-Sufficient Pfeiffer & Riese
Endangered Minds Jane Heally, Ph. D.
In the Absence of the Sacred Jerry Mander