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A Message from the Education Director

Greetings Blue Oak Community,
Thank you for a wonderful start to the 2014-2015 school year. The positive energy of our school is palpable. The teachers have carefully prepared their curriculums and classrooms; thoughtfully readying themselves for your enthusiastic children. In June 2013, after the gift of a seven year journey with a wonderful class of students, I embarked on a year of personal growth. I found myself exploring many countries in the world. I was fortunate to travel with my colleague Jacob Carr to India last winter where we presented at the Humanizing Education Conference. I also had the opportunity to be with my elderly mentor, Else Gottgens, in Holland as she left this earth. For me, that event marked a sense of the passing on of the Waldorf lineage. Through all my travels and experiences last year, I was constantly reaffirmed that involvement in Waldorf Education was an integral part of who I am professionally and personally.
This year, I am grateful to have rejoined the Blue Oak staff as Education Director. My role is to be of service to the teachers so that they feel supported in meeting the diverse needs of their students through the Waldorf pedagogy. I am thankful to be working with such a talented, dedicated group of teachers! This summer, many of us spent three weeks at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, deepening our understanding of the foundations of Waldorf Education, while augmenting our capacities to creatively deliver the curriculum. 
I look forward to the opportunity to integrate into the parent community through my participation in Parent Council. Iam also excited to share the magic of Waldorf through different enrichment opportunities; the first of which will be in honor of the Festival of Strong Will. I will be leading a beginning painting session for parents on Wednesday September 17th to reach out to me with pedagogical questions or to share in the joy of your child's education at Blue Oak.




 A Special Thanks to Mark Thao Photography for their continued support and excellent service to our school.