We will be saying goodbye to some of our valued members of our community as well as welcoming some members into new roles.  We know change can be difficult and sad, but it also brings new possibilities.  As a wise person use to remind us, our school is a living entity, always changing always growing, never fixed or static.  All we can do is ground ourselves in the present moment and remember that our highest goal is to serve the children.


Approved at the June 10th Charter Council Meeting

Download a PDF copy Here

Minor changes include report cards coming at semesters rather than trimesters & January 16th is a full day off set aside for Parent-Teacher Conferences.


Summer Office Hours

M-Th 9AM-2PM

If you have business to conduct during the summer we will open the doors from 9 AM to 2 PM Monday through Thursday. We can accept applications, however enrollment will only be processed every few weeks. Please be patient as our staff enjoys time with their families.  




Video: See our fabulous teachers at work
over the summer at Steiner College

 A Special Thanks to Mark Thao Photography for their continued support and excellent service to our school.